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Building Insp.
New Construction 2.jpgCity of Crete
Departments of Public Works

Building Code

241 E. 13th Street
P.O. Box 86
Crete, NE 68333

The 2009 International Building Code (IBC), 2009 International Residential Code (IRC), 2009 International Property Maintenance Code, 2009 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) - with Lincoln Amendments, National Electric Code, 2009 International Mechanical Code and National Fire Code (NFPA) are enforced within the city limits of Crete and the two mile zoning jurisdiction. Enforcement of the provisions of the municipal Code pertaining to building construction and repair and collection of fees is the responsibility of the Municipal Building Inspector, Ray Sueper.

Any person planning to construct, alter or demolish any building or residence is required to file an application for the appropriate permit and pay the applicable fee to the building inspector. Each application for permit must be in writing and include the following:
  • Legal description of the land on which the construction, relocation or demolition is to occur
  • Nature of the use or occupancy of the building
  • Dimensions
  • Estimated cost
  • Names of owner, architect, and contractor

The Building Inspector will inspect, as often as necessary, any building which is being constructed, altered, repaired or relocated to determine if the work being done is in conformity with all Municipal building and housing regulations.

For additional information regarding Municipal Building Code, permits and zoning regulations, contact Ray Sueper, Municipal Building Inspector; 402-826-4312 or email .

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